Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spinng into spring

Spinning round round round.
I have been spinning tonight. I bought 4 oz of BFL from a local pdx Etsy shop, Painted Skeins. The colors are perfect for spring. Light to dark pink and this lush green shade. I will admit that I also
bought some BFL roving in a yellow, blue, purple. I am not quite sure how that one will spin up. There is an example in Painted Skein's sold orders.

This one I have spun so I get the long color repeats. I don't know if I am going to keep them as singles or ply it together. I have always had really good luck with singles and lace.
My socks are at a stall and the afghan is waiting for the second square to be cast on.
Tomorrow is tea time and more glass bead making. I don't know what colors I want to try but something spring like me thinks.
Hearts stars and a good pointy pair.


Kelly said...

Beautiful spinning! Those are the perfect spring colors. >

Danielle said...

Thanks! >

Rox said...

Pink and green...ohhh...ahhh!! >