Thursday, April 26, 2007


Look What I Made!

I went to Aquila Art Glass studio today....not just to make beads but to meet with LeahPellegrini and PrettyThingsJewelry And normally Littleputbooks is there as well but not this week. What do all these people have in common? Etsy. Its nice to hang out with people who are into all sorts of art and craft. Anyway I was late this week due to some sleeping issues. Actually to be fair it was the alarm clock.

Anyway on to the beads. I have had several bead making sessions these are from work session two and three. I think I am doing pretty good. I like how some of the glass reacts with the colors and they break into other colors. The pink green ivory one is one of those.

Today I had session four. I do not think I did as well on this set of beads. I used the green and orange that are in the pictures. The green is called sea weed and has some flecks in it.

No knitting today but I am going to go put my singles on the Niddy Noddy. Peace!


Ruby Girl said...

How clever of you, those beads are going to look gorgeous when made into whatever you make with them. >

marti said...

Those beads are awesome! >

Quail Hill Knits said...

I am blown away by the beads. Beautiful! >

Amanda said...

Hey, I've recently taken up lampworking as well. Your beads are lovely.

Amanda >

Rox said...

Oh... cool!! >