Friday, November 07, 2008

Short Boxes

Funky Short Square Boxes
Start the same way you do with the taller square boxes.... I wrote it a few days ago.

This is where it starts to change. Add one more fold to this step.Unfold your second fold and take the flat side and fold it up to the line you just made.

You now have a lot more lines on your square when it is unfolded.

Your lines are going to be the same.

Fold the tips to the center

Fold that second flap down so your side walls are 1/2 as tall.

Yay you made a short box!

As with the tall boxes make the bottom piece about 1 cm smaller than the top.

I am loving the mixture of a Short top and a tall bottom box.

Super cute.


Leah said...

ooooo - nice - I like the short box as the lid on the tall box. Thats nice. >

Danielle said...

Me to. I love the way you can see the two different patterns this way. >

Shimmermeblue said...

Great how to! Do you think these would work good for sending jewelry? I think it would be a nice touch to send them in a cute little handmade box instead of a plain ole white one! >

Susie said...

How sturdy are they, because they surely are adorable! Thanks for the info~ >

Ilia said...

I have found that if you make them with a lightweight cardstock, they are pretty sturdy. >