Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Basic box

Start with a square. I am using a 12x12 inch piece of paper for the top. It will turn out the same size as the big green box above.
Lightly draw lines from corner to corner. (Make a big x)

Fold the tip of the square to the center of the x. Do this on all four corners.

Next with the square tip at the center of the x fold the flat edge to the flat line from the x. Do this on all four sides.

When you unfold each side this is what you should have.

Next you will cut four lines. I have used a pen to mark the lines that need cutting. Once you get going you will not need to draw these lines. (When looking at the folded paper you will see three 4 square boxes in a row. The center most box is the top portion of the box. You will not want to cut that square. )

Once you cut the sides free you will have a piece of paper like such.

Take the the two points from the sides you did not cut and fold them into the center. ( you are getting ready to fold the walls of the box)

With the tips pointed in take the sides of those triangles and fold them up. Leave the cut portion down. ( They look like arms getting ready to hug)
Take the up folded sides and make them meet the opposite folded up side.
They should frame the center 4 square and go across the cut portion. (These are the walls of your box)
Now take the folded down piece and fold it over the frame. Your box is now done.
To make the bottom piece follow the same steps but start with a piece about a 1cm smaller.
Check back for a variation tomorrow.


Lori Anderson Designs said...

Very cool. Every time I attempt something like this, I get to something like the next to last step and flub it all up with a bad crease. >

AngelaMichelle said...

Thanks for this tutorial! I can use this quite a bit. Found your blog from >