Wednesday, February 13, 2008

v day present

v day present
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have been talking to Sonny about getting some paintings to go over out bed. For like two years. Well I painted the room last year and we got a new bed....I avoided getting a head board until I got something to go over it. I am a dork like that. SO Sonny picked these out for me...From an Etsy shop. I am so proud of her for buying from Etsy!

I might not have picked these out my self but I must say that I like how they look with the green walls and the rest of the room....well no the rest of the room is not decorated. It is just three shades of green. But it gives me hope that I might some day finish it.vday 030Note on the rm. It is not technically a bedroom. It is an add on to the house and is really the workshop room. Note hour our bed fills the width of the room. Well you have about four feet from the end of the bed to the door. Little Little room.

Sorry about the bed. Can you find roo?


weebug said...

yup, found roo. the paintings are lovey! >

LeaKarts said...

What a great Valentine's Day present! I love how colorful the paintings are :) >

Leah said...

yeah for Sonny! They look great - so do the green walls - they are each a different shade? That is awesome. >