Saturday, February 09, 2008


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Leah made this video and I liked it and hope to share it with you.

Who is Leah? The fabulous glass artist whom I had the great joy of going to NYC with. Not the greatest trip Etsy or Stitch Marker wise. But it was fun to learn about my local Etsy friends.

Go say hi and enjoy the video. She has made several and I like this one.

On a side note. I got a stitch marker stuck in my shawl. A thread pulled a gather in the middle. But it is blocked and waiting for its photo shoot.

I also went to my computer today only to find the monitor had gone out. So I bought a new one. ITs huge. I feel like I am looking at giant picutes of everthing.

The dogs are confused by the change of furniture and I am just glad I had the funds to buy a new one. I don't think my stitch marker biz buys a lot....but it comes in handy from time to time.

I am trying to be better about blogging. I been knitting, beading, and makeing a huge amoutnt of stitch markers.

I am excited to have a second shop carry them. Its a little scary but nice. I may take March off to simply knit a few things that I want to.

Besides my shawl. I have finished a Tom Tom cozy and I finished up a scarf and look foward to starting a new pair of socks.

OK long post on nothing.

Sonny says Hi.


Leah said...

Thanks Danielle! I love the picture you took of your little mobile in your car! >