Sunday, July 22, 2007


Every feel knotty
Originally uploaded by Miss Purl.
This knotty piece of wood is how I feel today. My stomach is all knotted....not because I am ill. But I am sick of my Mail going wonky. I think I have angered some postal God.

The post office is eating my mail. No not the nice calm mail that comes to my home that makes it. But the mail I send to other people is not getting there. Not in the normal 3 - or the weird 5 -10 its not getting there at all.

Now granted my US mail has made it with one exception. But my posts to Canada are ending up I don't know where. They darn well better be a knitter because they have a bounty of stitch markers. OK not a bounty but six sets. That's a lot. One persons only made it there on the third try. Three times I sent it.

I just don't understand.... My stomach is all knotted up and I feel like crying.... Really.



Kelly said...

I'm sorry about your mail, hopefully it will all get strightened out. >