Thursday, March 02, 2006

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I hate to blog and run but blogger is having issues. OR it really hates me.

But I am still knitting...slowly.

But I have a little bit of news.


Sadly I will miss the other.

But new is good.

Second. My sweet lovable Sonny informed me that we............have adpoted another dog.

Bringing the grand total to in FOUR.

I have yet to meet Angus but I will have all the good the bad and the doggie later.
Why I am so gone from blogger land all the sudden.

Cause I did this.

Miss Purl - You have to love Donni for the name!

Dork I know but its fun.

So I will be back on track soon..cause my attention span is o about a minute long.

Lots of knitting spinning, sewing, crafting thoughts.



Donni said...

Cute - Noticed that Jealousy's sister gets quite viewing - the name is catchy! >

Jade said...

Well done! Everything is lovely! >

Rox said...

You know I love your beaded creations! More on the new job?! I seem to remember the current job having spider issues. Strange how I remember that specific fact - :) >