Sunday, March 12, 2006

I am a groupie

I so am a know who you are Sock Star!!!!!
(loud screaming Knitters falling..........)

If you can't play with words whats the fun of it...

But you did not get this in the mail.

Whats inside those cute little bundles......
Well I promised myself I would not open them until I had my Overseas mail out the door in the box and well on its way to there perspective peeps.

You will be happy to know...I did that promptly.
Its not that I don't want to send stuff overseas because I do..... Its the paper work and my mean post office that gets me down. Plus I always want to find more and the perfect stuff. I know I don't always hit my mark but I do try. Then when I get it all done and packed I find stuff I wanted to send...Organization is not my strong suit.

But now my camera is outta batteries.
Shucks...but they jinggled when you shook them.
I know what they are and you don't....teee heee heee.

Thanks Shannon


Jade said...

Wicked, wicked Danielle - lol. >

Anonymous said...

The Sock Rock Star says "When Greatness inspires people who I am to stop them idolising me".... >