Friday, December 16, 2005


You are all so sweet!

erms....anyone made candied orange peels?

THis knitter did and I am thinking about trying it.

Since this is about knitting and all I suppose I should tell you about the knitting....

Its just that welll...I did that thing where you knit a sock then put it down and have to go back and make the second and forgot what you did to make the first!

I should take better notes.

Shannon thank you for the CD! I am so excited to wrap stuff up to it.

fa lla lallalalallllalallal flal flflallflalll lflalf


Jade said...

You are very welcome! Happy Ho Ho Holidays to you all! >

Rox said...

Hey Chickie. Not sure why but you have been on my mind lately. Maybe as I am using some wonderful yarn you sent me to make beautishus mittens!

Is all ok up there? >