Sunday, December 04, 2005


Stolen from Deb

10 Random Things about Me…
* I adore wooly yarn
* I like the beach best when it’s stormy
* I forget why I call
* I don’t like to clean all in one swoop.
* I like to dance barefoot in my living room, kitchen, hall, bathroom…
* I use……. a lot
* I have killed all the house plants I ever owned save two
* I am drawn to smirks and grins
* I love my spinning wheel
* I tend to name things that already have names

9 Places I’ve been….
* Portland, OR
* Cash Creek Canada
* Taiwan
* California
* Nevada
* Carlton, OR
* Nye, OR
* Silver Falls, OR
* …….

8 Ways to Win My Heart….
* Talk to me
* Make me smile
* Laugh at yourself when you are cranky
* Be yourself
* Don't laugh at my hobbies
* Be willing to learn and change
* Let me be quiet
* give me a kiss even if I am sleeping

7 Things To Do Before I Die….
* See Alaska
* Make a quilt
* Take a long road trip
* Read all the books I own (I like that one Deb)
* Finish my WIPs
* Feel I made a difference
* Meet my Blog Friends (this one too)

6 Things I’m Afraid of….
* George Bush
* large crowds
* Big Sickness
* D’s trial
* Big businesses
* Really really sharp knives

5 Things I don’t like….
* George Bush
* Fou Fou yarn
* Being stared through
* telemarketers..Not the person the business
* tomatoes

4 Ways to Turn Me Off….
* Think my lifestyle is wrong
* Dismiss my ideas
* Talk over me
* don’t care

3 Things I Do Everyday….
* Laugh
* Talk to Sonny
* 3x flap ball change, shuffle hop st shuffle bc

2 Things That Make Me Happy….
* Smiles
* The pup a roo’s

1 Thing on My Mind, RIGHT NOW….
* barre exercises


Lisa G said...
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Lisa G said...

aha, gotchya! You're my Tribe Secret Pal aren't you? I remember you telling me about the beach thing in an email. hehe, gotchya!


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