Saturday, December 18, 2004


If this is all that wrong I guess I should count my self lucky...But I will tell you any way.

My car is sick and I have a mission. No it is not a mission to the the moon. No It is not to find the perfect dress for the company dinner. Yes it is knitting related!

I need beautiful ribbon, preferably variegated silk in natural tones w/a rust base, but I really am flexible here. It is hard to find wonderful ribbon if your car is sick. But I have faith and the ability to ride the bus if needed.

But first lunch.


FaerieLady said...

I'm so sorry your car is sick :-( I wish you luck in finding the *perfect* ribbon! --Kae >

Anonymous said...

It's not silk, but might be in the colour tones you like. Check out:

There are more colourways than that. I think I've seen natural tones with a rust base. Good luck!

Andrea >

Nancy said...

Did you find your ribbon? >

Anonymous said...

Have you found your silk ribbon yet? If not, check out the new Artyarns product:

Anything you like there? >

MartaCycle said...

It sounds like our pre-holidays days were along the same lines. I was carless for several days after a drunk driver plowed into me. You can read the "horror" on my blog.

When is the next Queer Knitting? >