Monday, December 06, 2004

Let me tell you

I have had a super hyped up week. Working the two jobs has kind of put me into a frenzy of constant motion. I am used to being on the go but now it feels like when it comes time to sit I should just be sleeping.

The run down...

Sunday: Knit class and I met the o so wonderful Deb, from Deb on the Web. She was knitting a very cool pair of purple socks for a niece. I was teaching class and I did not get to spend as much Chatty knitting time with her as I would like. So I hope some time we can knit without a zillion questions flying and my over worked attention span.

Sunday is the day I seem to meet new people. Last week it was Stephanie and this week Deb.

Saturday: I left it hanging with my secret pal(s)

So I had a Great secret Pal from Ohio named April ...But I have been unable to contact her. But Thank you. She sent me some very funs stuff including a great turtle.

Then my SP3 from Seattle was the wonderful Marti from Weebugknits. She has sent me some of the softest yarns I have ever felt. I am also a lurker on her sight go look at the cool things she has knit.

Then the peeps that I had were Laurie from Yarn Wanderings and .... I can't tell she has not confirmed that she got the info yet. But I will as soon as she does.

now I leave you with my new very cool hair style......

and new hair color. Its a little fun and funky and less I work in an office but I like it.


FaerieLady said...

I *adore* your hair! You're so lucky to meet Deb too :-) --Kae >

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the great.. everything! I love the new hair! >

Anonymous said...

Did I mention that anonymous, in this case is Shannon, your SP3? >