Sunday, October 11, 2009

New. . . More new

New fun markers in my shop. This set is Lizzy, or Elizabeth Bennett. I picked the colors of the pearls at the last gem show I went to. I Made a Jane and Kitty set as well. Only now am I realizing that Kitty is really Lydia and I have made an error. AHHHHH. I wonder who will notice? I will fix it but maybe I will leave it up for a week and see if some one tells me. You never know.
A view of my More new box. Some of these will never get listed and many of them will only ever go to a fiber or knit show. Two weeks or so before a knit show this box is much fuller. If you go digging though the box you often find what colors I have been most drawn to recently. Lots of orange recently and sea opal blue.
Enjoy and let me know what you think of Kitty aka Lydia. I am a dork.


Ruby Girl said...

Nice stitchmarkers. The aqua colour is very pretty. >