Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Danger . . .

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I am tired! I am cranky!

I have been ordered into work and had to cancel my chiropractic appointment. I feel very much like I need an adjustment.

Tomorrow will be better.

Monday, April 28, 2008


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I am working hard!

But with all this nice weather we are having makes me want to run away to the beach or some where sunny.

Load up a dog or two...Sonny. ...the spinning wheel and go bask.

O it would be nice.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

May 1 and 2

Where will I be?

I will have my jewelry and stitch markers . . . THough my stitch markers may not be on the tabe I will have them with me.

I have learned that having stitch markers with me is important. Even if I don't think there are any knitters around. There are.

Where have you met a knitter recently?

I met one in the check out line. Sonny's mom met one on an airplain. I pitty the guy who sat next to them. Becky was crocheting and the other knitting . . . he was trying to sleep and those two were chatting it up.

May is almost here~

What is new?

New Sock and Lace Stitch Markers in mini keepers. Fun mini slidy top tins paired with some favorite stitch marker sets and new sets. The Mini keepers are the perfect size to keep your small stitch markers. They also make it much easier to find in the bottom of the knit bag.

I have a couple more stitch marker and mini keeper sets to finish up. Purple, black, and orange. I am really excited about them.

Much much much thanks is due to Ryan.
You know you have seen Ryan's Scrabble necklaces in slidy top tins. Fabulous! Ryan is another local PDXer whom is so busy I don't get to see much of her. But she Is always full of helpful hints and tips. Go visit her blog and learn all about her creativity.

I have several : ) and the slidy top tins are fabulous stitch marker keepers.

The pink flowers and these pretty butterflies are from another PDXer friend, Lea. If you are looking to make your own mini keeper or Moo card keeper.... Lea can help you.

I am still knitting...but I lost my knit bag last week. I also lost my glasses...If you find them please PLEASE let me know. Black glasses, red bag, pink half knit socks. : )

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lets talk Packaging

So I have been shipping in these amazing purple metallic mailers for . . . 250 packages. But I am now out of them. SO my question is should I get more or go back to paper?

Now the purple is water proof and has stick flap thingy that requires no tape. I like the no tape thing. The paper of course is not water proof and requires tape. But the price is way different.

What do you think? Does the purple package make the mailer . . . Or am I just a dork?
The lady heads are new...Cute yes. From
I heart them.

Saturday, April 12, 2008