Friday, April 18, 2008

Lets talk Packaging

So I have been shipping in these amazing purple metallic mailers for . . . 250 packages. But I am now out of them. SO my question is should I get more or go back to paper?

Now the purple is water proof and has stick flap thingy that requires no tape. I like the no tape thing. The paper of course is not water proof and requires tape. But the price is way different.

What do you think? Does the purple package make the mailer . . . Or am I just a dork?
The lady heads are new...Cute yes. From
I heart them.


Leah said...

I like the shiney factor! if the Purple doesn't break the bank, I say continue with your shiney ways!!! Much more exciting to find in the mailbox than a yellow envelope.

Plus the lady head is awesome! >

Anitra Cameron said...

Oh, I'd be so excited to open the mailbox and see something like that!

Are the lady heads a rubber stamp? They're so cute! >