Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Etsy booth

My booth

It was rainy and a little wet. I had lots of fun putting names and faces to products. I did not get to visit as many of the booths as I would have liked.

Things for next time.... Bring a friend.

I will have to share what I bought later.


marti said...

I think it is sideways! But good for you! >

Karen said...

Hi! It's karen from KnittingSymphony. I didn't find an e-mail connected to your comment (thanks for visiting!) but I thought you would like to know that the missing sock was found. I should probably put it in my blog, but the short version is that my friend had to seriously beg the theatre manager to deliver it to WEBS (he didn't know where it was - only about 3 blocks away) and then found another friend to go fetch it and mail it. You would think a theatre would go through things like this all the time, but this fellow just didn't get it. But she now has her socks back! >