Friday, April 14, 2006

not so knitty

well I have gone from 40 hours a week of reading blogs and buying yarn to...having to work.

I know not and excuse. But ...It is hard work learning new things ...nothing is second nature yet.


so I spun a little. Played with my pretty bag, my lovely needle case, my yummy tea, looked at the purty cards...and all sorts of goodies. ...and the mug...and the yummies. soap. I am a spoiled rot who should be banned from such nice things.

now I am drinking a moolatte and trying not to go stare at the snowy white....WHITE hair that has sprouted in my mop of brown. WHITE.

SO I found it this morning....I then had to drink a dr pepper in rox honor because we were out of coke. Had nothing to do with anything other than she is the queen of DP.

now I am off to my MUM's House for her birthday.

still tired. Still here. but really was I ever here???

Thanxs ya'll!

hearts stars and a big pearly moon.


Donni said...

I didn't forget you - you pressie should arrive any day now! Cheers >

Rox said...

DP Queen. :)

Is it a white hair or.... gasp... a gray one? There is a gal named Ms Clairol who slays the gray hairs. She's a good friend of mine... sadly.

And... don't think I missed the Mum comment. You too have obviously been talking with Donni too much! HUGS chickie! >

Rox said...

Dude.... where are you?? >

Donni said...

Funny - Rox - I just thought the same thing! Where are you! Don't make me come and hurt you!~ >