Saturday, July 03, 2004

Squishy and torture

The mega Update because things have changed.

The snake sweater...aka the scarf with beads is no longer going to be a scarf with beads. It was well loved this weekend.. And I got everyone's flipping opinion on it. I like it even though it may become gloves. Fingerless beaded diamond gloves. Thinking

GO look at knitty!

Riso has everything but its lace up tie and it drapes purty.
Dishy is hanging out somewhere in the house and is waiting for me to finsih the body.

Tree bag is still in need of one handle. But I picked up two flying pigs and a moon beads to go above it. For a little humor, Sonny went with me after our hair cuts. She was not amused. At least I did not drag her into the yarn shop. Whoever thought that a store covered in soft squishy goods would be tortures to someone.

Becky and I are going to learn to spin...well she is going to teach me. Whoopie

So many projects.. tres good.